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AI (also known as Artificial Intelligence) are one of the key functions of the game. They determine what routine the entity might do.
Buffs however, can improve or setback the player's stats. Whether if you are burning, or resistant against knockback. This page shall guide you!


Damaged all add.png
Buffs are used to help you traverse thru the game. Within the new update, you can now make buffs / debuffs using unavailable icons.
Different Buffs
Addhpbuff add.png Recovery - Recovers your health over time.
Damaged punch add.png Melee Defense - Decreased damage from physical attacks.
Damaged range add.png Long-range Defense - Decreased damage from ranged attacks.
Damaged fire add.png Burning Defense - Decreased damage from burning.
Damaged explode add.png Blast Defense - Decreased damage when near explosions.
Attack range add.png Powerful Shoot - Increased damage when shooting.
Attack punch add.png Powerful Attack - Increased damage when using a melee tool / weapon.
Attack undead add.png Demon Hunter - Increased damage against Underworld Creatures.
Attack animal add.png Demon Hunter - Increased damage against Animals.
Attack player add.png Player Hunter - Increased damage against Players.
Knock.png -
Move speed add.png Sprint/Jump Boost - Increased base speed / jump power.
Swim speed add.png Underwater Breathing - Allows you to breathe underwater until the effects runs out.
Dig speed add.png -
MODEL ADD.png I am magnified! - Model size is increased.
View bright.png Night Vision - Allows you to see in the dark.
Ball soccer 2.png Soccer-Dribbling - Movement options will change if you have a soccer ball. (Soccer exclusive)


Attack explode reduce.png
These are debuffs which makes the game a little more harder. As such, if you do get inflicted, it is best you consume Milk Candy or Bottled milk
Move speed reduce.png Slowness - Decreases your overall speed.
MODEL REDUCE.png I am tiny! - Decreases your model size, but doesn't affect the hitbox in general.
Ball soccer 1.png ??? - This effect is a neutral one. Equip the Soccer Shirt without the Soccer ball, and you can Dash/Steal.
Freeze.png Frozen - Severely damages your overall speed + health reduction.
Clasp.png Rooting - Pulls you towards Graviti as well as it reduces your health. You are guaranteed to die if you aren't skilled and prepared.
Damagebuff fire.png Burning - Decreases your health over time.
Damagebuff hunger.png Food Poisoning - Increases your rate of losing hunger by 25%.
Damagebuff poison.png Poisoned - Decreases your health over time.
Damagebuff wither.png Chaos - Decreases health over time.
Damagebuff wither.png Bubble - Allows you to slowly rise up, can be used when traversing large gaps.
Damagebuff wither.png I am a ??? - Transforms you to an animal.
NO-OXY.png ??? - Gives you a timer before you reach the second phase.
NO-OXY-Dying.png ??? - Reduces your health over time until you get a supply of oxygen.
Fluorescence.png ??? - Increases the radius of entities to be aware of you.


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Item Skills

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Mount Skills

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8.png 9.png Firerun.png Glide.png Jineng.png Jumpsprint.png