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Character are usable in-game character with skills when you upgrade them with their Character Shards (ex: Kaka needs Bone Necklace, Nini needs Feather Hairwear,...). They can also change your Avatar and appearance when you aren't use any Skins/DIY Skins.
There are 10 available Character at the moment, click on their avatar to view their respective page.
Kaka.png Nini.png Chief.png Chief's Wife.png Bearly.png Captain Tom.png Agent Laura.png Catty Cindy.png Assistant Peter.png Professor Stephen.png


Skins are equipable costumes that can change your appearance with some effects and/or footprints and changing your Avatar.
There are approximately more than 100 skins available in the Shop at the moment, click on their avatar to view their respective page. More skin infos will be updated in the future.
For a sortable list of skins, see List of Skins.

Original Skins

These skins are original skins made by the Game Developer.
Pandaa.png Little Monkey King.png Bunny Beauty.png Misra.png Waitress Sweety.png George.png Anny.png Mohist Xiaofei.png DraculaVi.png Jingle Deer.png HeathHunterSnow.png Yuji.png Murong.png Joey.png Rose.png Lucas.png Clair.png Captain Teach.png Mary.png Jinyi.png Xiaolou.png Lilith.png Wushuang.png Dragonet.png Erh-lang.png Mermale.png Misoso.png Mini-X.png Mini-T.png Mwroleicon59 moonfairy.png Mwroleicon60 pumpkie.png Mwroleicon61 shelley.png MWRoleIcon62 Christopher.png Mwroleicon63 BDayPopo.png MWRoleIcon64 BDayDodo.png MWRoleIcon65 BDayBobo.png MWRoleIcon66 Sakura.png MWRoleIcon67 Zanlang.png MWRoleIcon68 Angela.png MWRoleIcon69 MiniBeats.png MWRoleIcon70 Lancelot.png Mwroleicon71 mechameow.png MWRoleIcon72 Senbei.png MWRoleIcon73 MeowRacer.png MWRoleIcon74 AssassinLi.png MWRoleIcon75 AssassinAn.png MWRoleIcon76 ParrotKingYoyo.png MWRoleIcon77 MiniSail.png MWRoleIcon79 Joker.png MWRoleIcon80 Kana.png MWRoleIcon83 LadyMousse.png MWRoleIcon84 Kumquat.png MWRoleIcon85 Snowe.png MWRoleIcon86 GrandpaLin.png MWRoleIcon88 FlowerFairy.png MWRoleIcon89 StarKidArell.png MWRoleIcon90 SnowLeopard.png MWRoleIcon91 Elie.png MWRoleIcon92 NinjaFrog.png MWRoleIcon96 Raul.png MWRoleIcon97 Lynn.png MWRoleIcon98 Cyan.png MWRoleIcon212 Leonardo.png MWRoleIcon213 QueenThalia.png MWRoleIcon214 Uta.png MWRoleIcon215 RabbitLaby.png MWRoleIcon217 WhiteWitchCarol.png MWRoleIcon218 PufferfishJerry.png MWRoleIcon219 Squid.png MWRoleIcon220 SnowBearGigi.png Mwroleicon224 audrey.png MWRoleIcon237 Shengying.png MWRoleIcon238 Moyan.png MWRoleIcon239 Lingyao.png MWRoleIcon240 RedHoodAsh.png MWRoleIcon241 MiniCool.png MWRoleIcon242 WolfKidNora.png MWRoleIcon243 CelesFairyYaya.png MWRoleIcon244 DragonPrinceSong.png MWRoleIcon246 Orange.png MWRoleIcon248 Bubbles.png

Skin Costume/Swapped Skin

These costume are the Skin's swapped version from the Skin Swap feature. Xiaolou is the only one have this currently.
MWRoleIcon249 Xiaolou FlowerDewie.png

Authorized/Copyrighted Skin

These are the skins made by the collaborations of the Game Developer and a Third-party company.

Transformers Skins

These skins are made by the collaborations of the Game Developer and Hasbro Incorporated, based on the character appeared in the Tranformers series.
MWRoleIcon81 OptimusPrime.png MWRoleIcon82 Megatron.png MWRoleIcon87 Bumblebee.png MWRoleIcon93 Starscream.png MWRoleIcon94 HotRod.png MWRoleIcon95 Galvatron.png MWRoleIcon209 Grimlock.png MWRoleIcon210 Swoop.png MWRoleIcon211 Snarl.png MWRoleIcon225 Predaking.png MWRoleIcon226 Superion.png

My Little Pony Skins

These skins are made by the collaborations of the Game Developer and Hasbro Incorporated, based on the character appeared in the My Little Pony series.
MWRoleIcon205 TwilightSparkle.png MWRoleIcon207 Fluttershy.png MWRoleIcon222 RainbowDash.png MWRoleIcon216 PinkiePie.png MWRoleIcon221 StarlightGlimmer.png MWRoleIcon206 PrincessCelestia.png MWRoleIcon208 PrincessLuna.png MWRoleIcon223 PrincessCadence.png

Mainland China Exclusive Skin

These skins is only purchasable in the Mainland China version. Due to this, some skin names may not be translated correctly.

Original Skin

MWRoleIcon245 Rose.png MWRoleIcon247 BlueRose.png MWRoleIcon253 Cinderella.png MWRoleIcon255 DragonBoyLinXiu.png MWRoleIcon256 MeowMeow.png MWRoleIcon257 White Swan Odette.png MWRoleIcon262 BlackSwanOdette.png MWRoleIcon259.png MWRoleIcon260.png MWRoleIcon263.png MWRoleIcon265.png MWRoleIcon267.png MWRoleIcon266.png MWRoleIcon273 ChunYu.png MWRoleIcon274 QingXia.png MWRoleIcon271 HuskyKidHaru.png MWRoleIcon281 YingLuo.png MWRoleIcon282 LeiGuang.png

Skin Costume/Swapped Skin

MWRoleIcon277 Sakura DreamWizard.png

Authorized/Copyrighted Skin


MWRoleIcon78 Everest.png

Elf Dream Ye Luoli

MWRoleIcon250 YLL BingGongzhu.png MWRoleIcon251 YLL YeLuoli.png MWRoleIcon252 YLL BaiGuangying.png MWRoleIcon258 YLLShiXi.png

Balala the Fairies

MWRoleIcon276 BLLShirley.png MWRoleIcon278 BLLMaggieLin.png MWRoleIcon279 BLLMichelleLin.png MWRoleIcon280 BLLPrinceNoah.png

Unavailable Skin

These skins are unavailable in both of the game version's Shop, only available in the game's files or will appear in the upcoming version, and since they aren't available for purchase in Shop, their correct or high quality avatar may not be available in the Wiki for the time being. As same as the Mainland exclusive Skins, their names may not be translated correctly.
MWRoleIcon254.png MWRoleIcon261.png


Frames (or maybe called Avatar Frames) are equipable items for your avatar to make your UID display more great-looking! Some of them also have animations!
These frames here didn't have much info at the moment, but those frames (and upcomming frames) will be updated in the future.
For a sortable list of frames, see List of Avatar Frames.
20200.png 20201.png 20202.png 20203.png 20204.png 20205.png 20206.png 20207.png 20208.png 20209.png 20210.png 20211.png 20212.png 20213.png 20214.png 20215.png 20216.png 20217.png 20218.png 20219.png 20220.png 20221.png 20222.png 20223.png 20224.png 20225.png 20226.png 20227.png 20228.png 20229.png 20230.png


20240.png 20241.png 20242.png


20249.png 20250.png

20256.png 20257.png


20265static.png 20267static.png 20277.png 20278.png 20279static.png 20280static.png 20281static.png 20282.png 20284.png 20285.png 20286.png 20287.png 20288.png 20289.png 20290static.png