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Creatures are "living", moving game entities that generates naturally or artificially in the world. All of these are sub categorized on where they spawn. Each has their own AI and attacks, making it more unique. They are also used for many different purposes.

Land Animals & Spawners

These animals can be found in different biomes. Feel free to explore!

Chicken.png 3401.png 3402.png 3403.png 3407.png 3408.png
3409.png3412.png3411.png3414.png3413.png 3416.png

Icon3400.png Icon3401.png Icon3402.png Icon3403.png Icon3407.png Icon3408.png

Icon3409.png Icon3405.png Icon3410.png Icon13414.png Icon3413.png Icon13416.png

Aquatic Animals

These creatures live in the vast oceans, or maybe lakes.

Icon13600.png Icon13602.pngIcon13604.pngIcon13605.pngIcon13606.pngIcon13607.png

Icon13613.png Icon13614.png Icon13615.png Icon13616.png Icon13617.pngIcon13618.png

Icon13608.png Icon13609.png Icon13610.pngIcon13612.png Icon13611.pngIcon13619.png

Flying Animals & Spawners

These are animals who have the ability to fly. Currently, all are only found within the Basins.

3418.png 3419.png

Baby Animals

Animals born from their parents, soon they'll grow up into adults.

3809.png 3810.png 3811.png 3812.png 3813.png 3814.png

Above World Monsters & Spawners

These are the monsters you see every night in the Overworld.

Icon12246.png 3102.png 3105.png 3107.png 3109.png 3501.png 3121.png


Underworld Monsters

Creatures from below the Overworld. Be careful, it's a dangerous place to explore.

6666.png 66666.png Arcane Dragon.png


Horas Creatures

Creatures living in an extraterrestrial planet, or maybe just mutations.

See through.pngSee through.pngSee through.pngSee through.png Rc.png
Rocki.png Frosti.png Bulli.png Graviti.png Redchisk-spawner.png Icon13423.png Icon13424.png


Creatures that can help you and defend you. The items to get them are hard to find!

Wild Man